What I do

I design Logos, Flyer, Cards, Brochures, Books, Posters, Packaging, Styleguides, Displays, Campaigns, Websites ... or your kitchen.

RBB Branding

Corporate Design & Branding for national broadcaster rbb

Grover Campaign 2020

Integrated brand campaign for the Berlin Tech-Subscription-Service Grover.

BVG Promo U2

Promotion for U2's new album performed on the Berlin Underground U2.

Nikon Branding

Design Direction and Branding of the integrated I AM Nikon Campaign.


Advertising for the weekly economy magazine "WirtschaftsWoche".

Logo Design

Logo and Identity Design for Tigerlily, a local Waxing Studio.

Identity Design

Various Identity Designs

Corporate Design

Identity Design for vietnamese restaurant Ban Canteen. The word Ban means 'friends' in vietnamese. The idea of friends getting together is represented by triangles forming a hexagon together.


Creative Direction and Design of the Image Campaign for fashion label Liebeskind.

Monsieur Vuong

Branding for Monsieur Vuong, the famous Vietnamese restaurant based in Berlin.

Cinema for Peace

Illustration and animation concept for Cinema for Peace, an initiative supporting independent film, shown at Berlin Film Festival.

Black & White

Some monochromatic images I created in preparation for a graphic novel.


Details of graphic novel "Anyway".

Label Design

Label Design for flavored Lipstick range from bebe.

Mercedes Benz

Awarded print campaign to promote the 4MATIC four-wheel-drive range from Mercedes Benz, highlighting it's grip on the various terrains drivers might encounter.

Paper Illustration

Work I created twenty years ago. I remember getting really excited back in the days how things communicate different messages depending on the context they are presented in.


Detail of Graphic Novel


Illustrations on the world's oldest domesticated bird.


Winning entry of a poster competition for a local harbour ceremony.

Peter Pan

An illustration I created, drawing on the news at the time, when Michael Jackson wanted to be considered for acting Peter Pan.

Mercedes Benz EM

Campaign supporting the German National football teams journey to the European Football Championship, in Austria and Switzerland. Executed in the style of the classic 1920's & 30's epic german mountaineering films.

Grover Campaign 2019

Art- & Design Direction for startup business Grover, a platform to rent technical equipment.


Logo and Label Design for beverage range "Ankertau".

Graphic Novel

Illustrated graphic novel partly made from screenprinted steel with movable magnets.

Visual diary

Sketches, thoughts and doodles of what goes on in my head. For recent thoughts, check out my instagram account.

ADC Invitation

Logo design, invite and promotional video for the ADC warm up party, an advertising awards show.


Series of small paintings depicting uninhabited domestic environments.

DHL Xmas

Keyvisual and Christmas Packaging for German courier, parcel, and express mail service DHL.

Guhl Campaign

Concept and design of Image Campaign for Guhl Hair care. Print Ads, TV teaser, online.

Brand Stories

Concept & design of narratives told in brands for a large retail outlet. The claim reads: Offers everything that life has to offer.

Deutsche Bank

The Unofficial Guide to Investment Banking is a recruitment training brochure for Deutsche Bank. Contrary to conventional, corporate literature, the brochure was created like a scrapbook in oder to get a younger audience interested in the subject.